Plot no 2 Gadon Amazia Industrial Estate Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , Pakistan

Shaffi Chemical Industries Limited

This company was incorporated as a public limited company in the year 1994 and was listed with stock exchanges in the year 1995-1996. The shares of Shaffi Chemical Industries Limited were issued on February 07, 1996, and oversubscribed by nine times.

Shaffi Chemical Industries Limited

To Transform the Company into a Dynamic Manufacturing Organization.

"To conduct company business through good governance with the responsibility to all our stakeholders and foster a sound & dynamic team for maintaining professional".

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The Company is Committed to the Quality of its Products and Satisfies Customer needs and Expectations.

"Use of Resources while Achieving a Unique Position in the Market by meeting the requirements of High-Quality Products for the Customers".

Our Mission


To conduct company business through good governance with a responsibility to all our stakeholders and foster a sound & dynamic team for maintaining professional standards and optimum use of resources while achieving a unique position in the market by meeting the requirements of high-quality products for the customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the company into a dynamic manufacturing organization to play a meaningful role on a sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan in the best possible manner.

Our Value


Statement of Ethics & Business Practices
      • The Company’s policy is to conduct business with honesty & integrity and be ethical in its business dealings showing respect to all.
      • The company runs its business in an environment that is sound and sustainable.
      • The company complies with all laws & regulations and expects its employees to familiarize themselves & comply with them as well.
      • The company does not support any political party nor contribute to the funds of any group whose activities promote party interests.
      • The company is committed to the quality of its products and satisfies customer needs and expectations.
      • The company believes in adherence to the principles of reliability and credibility in its financial reporting and in the transparency of business transactions.
      • The company is an equal opportunity employer. Its employee recruitment and promotional policies are free of any gender bias and are merit-oriented. It believes in maintaining good channels of communication. 
      • The company expects its employees to abide by certain personal ethics whereby company information and assets are not used for any personal advantage or gain.
      • The company believes in fair competition and supports appropriate competition laws.

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